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Best Aftermarket Stocks for Remington 870

Remington is not a man’s name; it is the most popular shotgun in the world.

This shotgun is often used for hunting, sport shooting as well as self-defence that is why police officers and others in military organizations have them. Because of it being a popular shotgun, there are many Remington 870 stocks out there that are perfect for its users who wish to save but at the same time make sure that their equipment has the best accessory.

What are the five best Remington 870 stocks out there?
Yes, a few consumers have indeed found out what could be the best Remington 870 accessories for their shotgun, and here is a list of those A-listers:

  • Hogue Overmolded Stock – this stock has a design that is time-proven by most of Remington 870 owners. It is one of the Remington 870 stocks that is classic and can be available in either standard or short LOP. Its advantage is its special texture and rubber finish, which makes the stock very easy to operate.
  • Magpul SGA – One of the great Remington 870 accessories, you can consider this a great stock because it has an exclusive design, its pistol grip is incorporated with classic stock that makes using it easy, it has additional accessories that come with it and has spacers that enable the owner to help adjust the length of its pull.
  • Mesa Tactical Telescoping – as one of the Remington 870 stocks this one also proves helpful to owners. It has a design that is alike to M4 stocks and has an adjustable stock. Its receiver adapter is aluminum, has a pistol grip made of rubber, although it might be a little too costly for those who want to save.
  • Mesa Tactical Urbino – Because of its simple pistol design, that is why it is among the Remington 870 accessories that has made it to the top five. Aside from that it has a short LOP, it includes a sling plate that is ambidextrous, has a cheek riser that has five positions and its Limbsaver recoil pad actually helps decrease the felt recoil.
  • Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Recoil-Reducing – out of other Remington 870 accessories this one is probably the most affordable recoil reducing stock. It has an adjustable stock with a lot of additional accessories.

How can this help you?
Being equipped with either Remington 870 accessories or Remington 870 stocks makes you feel safer and more in control of your shotgun. Here are other reasons why you have to make sure you have all you need:

  • It provides you safety – as this is mainly for self-defence, you don’t want to just have a gun that is useless, you want to have it to make sure that you can shoot it when the intruder arrives.
  • It gives you good game – when out hunting for sport, you have to have complete accessories to get that great shot and bring home the bacon. That is why hunters always obsess about their guns because it is the one that can help them aim perfectly at the shot they want to reach.

Every shotgun has accessories that come with it – only the smartest of owners should know what the perfect accessories could be.


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