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North Carolina’s Willow Oaks Plantation makes first run at NRA’s Great American

North Carolina’s Willow Oaks Plantation makes first run at NRA’s Great American

Historic southern outfitter offers hunters duck, deer and upland bird hunts along with retreats

Tommy & Mike from Willow Oaks Plantation at the Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The Maclay Street entrance of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center opens to the Great American Outdoor Show’s Outfitters Hall. There you’ll find lions attacking wildebeest, bears battling wolves and an odd looking pair of baboons playing poker. That’s how outfitters draw potential customers into the booth — promises of what you can take home.

Hidden amongst the show’s veteran safari guides and Alaskan outfitters is a booth decorated with turkeys, ducks and photos of an old Southern home. Those are the newcomers from Eden, North Carolina. The men from Willow Oaks Plantation.

A 2,000 acre plantation that reaches as far as the Dan River, Willow Oaks is more than a hunting lodge. It’s a destination.

“We’ve only been open to the public for three years,” said Marketing Director Mke Helsabeck. “There’s an infinite upside to what you can experience back there at Willow Oaks.”

Named Best of the Sporting South for Rabbit Hunts by Garden & Gun Magazine, Willow Oaks offers everything today’s hunter could hunt. There’s quail and pheasants for the upland birders, ducks aplenty for the waterfowl crowd, turkeys for the taking and deer for the tracking. But it’s not just about hunting down there in Eden.

“For the anglers, we’ve got two fully stocked bass ponds on the property and trout running in the mountains a couple of hours away,” property manager Tommy Kirby told us. “If that’s not your pleasure, we can arrange for horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing or shuttle you down to Greensboro for a day on the town.”

Helsabeck is new on the job. With the plantain since August of 2013, he brings years of experience as a Mossy Oak Pro-Staffer and the official artist for Duck Commander to the table. Finding a place Ducks on display by Willow Oaks Plantation at the Great American Outdoor Show in Pennsylvaniaat Willow Oaks could be seen as a culmination of an outdoor passion that started back in high school.

“My dad taught me how to shoot but he never took me hunting,” he said with a chuckle. "That distinction goes to my high school girlfriend’s dad. He’s the first one who took me hunting. A good recipe for making a relationship last.”

Since then he’s hosted radio shows, stood as featured artist for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and been named North Carolina’s Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year four times. Now with Willow Oaks, he has the opportunity to bring the rest of America to this historically recognized Eden.

“You’re never going to believe who use to own this place."

None other than Virginia’s favorite revolutionary firebrand Patrick Henry. Back then, the plantation now known as Willow Oaks was nothing more than open land. It wasn’t until Robert Brodnax built the dairy farm back in 1815 that the area earned its name. The main house, which people can still visit today, was finished in 1818. Overlooking the Dan River basin and valley below, Willow Oaks is an ideal location for corporate retreats, your ultimate predator hunt or your daughter's wedding.

Talk about diversity.

But that's one of the driving forces behind the Great American Outdoor Show. Diversity in vendors, patrons and opportunities. From the greenhorns to the grizzled veterans, the anglers to the shooters and the local shops to the national brands, the Great American Outdoor Show has a little bit of something for everybody. Just like Willow Oaks Plantation.

"As we like to say, its our history, your story."

For more on the Great American Outdoor Show, visit their website at

Best Aftermarket Stocks for Remington 870

Remington is not a man’s name; it is the most popular shotgun in the world.

This shotgun is often used for hunting, sport shooting as well as self-defence that is why police officers and others in military organizations have them. Because of it being a popular shotgun, there are many Remington 870 stocks out there that are perfect for its users who wish to save but at the same time make sure that their equipment has the best accessory.

What are the five best Remington 870 stocks out there?
Yes, a few consumers have indeed found out what could be the best Remington 870 accessories for their shotgun, and here is a list of those A-listers:

  • Hogue Overmolded Stock – this stock has a design that is time-proven by most of Remington 870 owners. It is one of the Remington 870 stocks that is classic and can be available in either standard or short LOP. Its advantage is its special texture and rubber finish, which makes the stock very easy to operate.
  • Magpul SGA – One of the great Remington 870 accessories, you can consider this a great stock because it has an exclusive design, its pistol grip is incorporated with classic stock that makes using it easy, it has additional accessories that come with it and has spacers that enable the owner to help adjust the length of its pull.
  • Mesa Tactical Telescoping – as one of the Remington 870 stocks this one also proves helpful to owners. It has a design that is alike to M4 stocks and has an adjustable stock. Its receiver adapter is aluminum, has a pistol grip made of rubber, although it might be a little too costly for those who want to save.
  • Mesa Tactical Urbino – Because of its simple pistol design, that is why it is among the Remington 870 accessories that has made it to the top five. Aside from that it has a short LOP, it includes a sling plate that is ambidextrous, has a cheek riser that has five positions and its Limbsaver recoil pad actually helps decrease the felt recoil.
  • Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Recoil-Reducing – out of other Remington 870 accessories this one is probably the most affordable recoil reducing stock. It has an adjustable stock with a lot of additional accessories.

How can this help you?
Being equipped with either Remington 870 accessories or Remington 870 stocks makes you feel safer and more in control of your shotgun. Here are other reasons why you have to make sure you have all you need:

  • It provides you safety – as this is mainly for self-defence, you don’t want to just have a gun that is useless, you want to have it to make sure that you can shoot it when the intruder arrives.
  • It gives you good game – when out hunting for sport, you have to have complete accessories to get that great shot and bring home the bacon. That is why hunters always obsess about their guns because it is the one that can help them aim perfectly at the shot they want to reach.

Every shotgun has accessories that come with it – only the smartest of owners should know what the perfect accessories could be.


Know The New EOTech EXPS2-0

The new EOTech EXPS2-0 has the protection of Pelican- esque plastic clamshell. The ones who have their stint with the EOTech products will certainly not be surprised by it. No damage in shipping hence. The traverse-mounted CR123 replaces the AA batteries. A single CR123 works 600 hours at the default brightness. Auto off settings are required for conserving the battery. Another great feature of EOTech EXPS2-0 and some other EOTech EXPS variants is the variable brightness. There are20 settings available and the setting number 12 is the one where the user can find the default brightness. It is a good thing that can even be used in a desert on a day when there are no clouds.

The changes made
The issues that the users have been complaining of on using the previous models have also been considered. The latch and standard battery cap of the 500 series have been replaced with one O-ring seal cap. This O-ring seal cap is tethered to the sight’s body. There is a better sealing that means there would be no lost parts. As mentioned earlier there is an option of running it by making use of a traverse mounted it will take not more than 2 3/4 inches of rail space. So there is more room for you to use as per your desire. You can place the EOTech EXPS2-0anywhere on the rail an yet have a good sight picture. Sight adjustments can be made at 1/2MOA clicks by making use of a pocket change or a used cartridge. One does not require any tools to dismount, mount and adjust the weapon. One will love this feature in case one forgets to take his tool bag along with him.

The specifications of EOTech EXPS2-0
The weight of the EOTech EXPS2-0 holographic weapon sight is 11.2 oz. It has a length o3.5 inches that means it would take 2.75 inches of rail space for mounting. It has 1x magnification. The optical type is parallax-free transmission holography. The eye relief is unlimited. It has +/-40 MOA adjustment range and adjustment per click is 1/2 MOA (1/2″@100 yards). It is submersible to ten feet and its operating temperature is -40-150 degrees F. It uses CR123 Lithium battery. The EOTech EXPS2-0 is priced at $559. A the front it has a 1/8 inch solid glass and at the rear it has a shatter resistant laminate of 3/15 inch. Fog proof sealing and anti glare coating help in giving a clear picture.

AR-15 Magazines – Cabela’s Official Website – Quality Hunting …

AR-15 Magazines – Cabela’s Official Website – Quality Hunting …
MWG 90 Rounder AR-15 Magazine. $132.99. ProMag™ .308 20-Round Magazine. $29.99. Butler Creek Lula® AR-15/M-16 Magazine Loader. $34.99 (23) (19) Not Rated

Tactical Shooting Gear – Tactical Military Gear : Cabela’s
MWG 90 Rounder AR-15 Magazine. $132.99. Tapco SKS Adjustable Stock – Black. Select items on sale! $89.99 – $102.99. $59.99 – $102.99. BOGgear BOG-POD® Tactical …

New Jersey boy who died of cancer getting police funeral

New Jersey boy who died of cancer getting police funeral
Dec. 3, 2013: A pipe and drum band march past a row of police motorcycles during a procession for Michael Feeney, as Ridgewood, N.J., holds a funeral with full police honors for the 10-year-old boy, Tuesday. Feeney was named Ridgewood’s honorary …

5-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Himself With Handgun
Bishop did not keep his .22 caliber handgun in a lockbox, and the boy knew where the gun was kept, police said. “He pretty much sees where I’m putting it,” Bishop told the Union Leader. The boy is recovering in the hospital and doing well. Manchester …

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Shooter, Used High-Capacity Magazines From Colorado’s Magpul Industries

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Shooter, Used High-Capacity Magazines From Colorado’s Magpul Industries
The high-capacity 30-round magazines that Adam Lanza used in the … law that bans the sale or purchase of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Recently-recalled Colorado Senate President John Morse (Colo. Springs) took to Twitter …

In Plain Sight: The Vortex SPARC The Review

Others say that quality and durable red dot sights are hard to come by. Well, not really, because they are rare, but because they require investment and particularity. Many big-name brands offer these on their shelves, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Only the most hardcore and pun intended loaded gun enthusiasts would be willing to drop up to six figures just to own good quality sights. Now if you are budget is a mere couple of hundred dollars, never fear. The Vortex SPARC will suit your needs. Read more

Gun control: the AR15, Heller, Moore, and the Second Amendment

Gun control: the AR15, Heller, Moore, and the Second Amendment
The AR15 is a rifle that has been singled out by the gun control advocate as signifying all that is wrong with gun ownership. Yet, one person’s ugly, menacing, and unsuitable for this or that, is another’s functional, practical, effective and just …

A Quick Review on the EOTech EXPS2-0

L3 Communications EOTech is famous even in the past decades for manufacturing holographic weapon sights and these sights are used mostly by the military aircrafts and even many law enforcers worldwide. They manufacture sights mostly intended to be mounted on small fire arms used even by the civilians these days.

EOTech have already developed a lot of holographic sights since the 1950s and still continue developing sights with different features to cater the needs of the different users of different guns. EOTech’s recently produced product is the EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight. This features easier usage with a quick and easy to attach and remove the lever for adjusting buttons and locking capacity. This kind of holographic weapon sights offers two eyes open shooting with a mounted 123 lithium battery and it has an iron sight access of 7 mm.

The Features and Advantages
EOTech EXPS2 weights 11.2 oz and has dimensions of 3.5″ by 2.4″ x 2.8″. This recently introduced product by EOTech only needs 2.75 inches of rail space, which is a little shorter than the previously introduced holographic sights. Eye sight is also raised up to 7 mm for unobstructed co-witnessing. The battery cap and latch which could be found on other Holosights are eliminated to attain a better sealing for the battery. Thus, the battery compartment is separated from the base and hovers over the delta ring of the rifle instead. The battery life is expected to be more or less runs on an average of 600 hours when the brightness level is set to 12 and by using a 1x CR123 Lithium battery (which replaces AA battery the usual battery of EOTech’s holosights). This holographic weapon sight has a highly versatile reticle, which allows CQC to work faster and to ensure precise fire outs up to the medium ranges. The controls (used in operation) for this kind of holographic weapon sight is located on the left side of the electronic device and could be seen and controlled by the use of a magnifying glass. Apparently, like any other EOTech holosights, this can also mount easily to any Picatinny rail, weavers, rifles, and shotguns.

The following additional facts are featured best by EOTech EXPS2:

  • 1 MoA aiming dot (reticle is a 56 MoA circle)
  • Single transverse 123 battery
  • Easy to detach and attach levers
  • Parallax free optics with unlimited eye relief
  • Shatterproof glass and aluminum hood assembled in a rugged design.
  • Waterproof (up to 10 ft)

The Disadvantage
However, a downturn regarding the EOTech EXPS2 is the fact that it is not designed and compatible with night visions.

EOTech is undeniably one of the leading holographic sight producers and designers in the whole world since it is the pioneering company for holographic sights. However, issues regarding the EOTech EXPS2 circulate around the web stating the facts and developments mentioned above as a thing taken negatively by the users. However, no one can ever testify the truth unless you have tried to have an EOTech EXPS2. Nonetheless, EOTech’s products are proven reliable and durable for so many years.

Aimpoint Is Here With Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

Are you planning to purchase a gun that can see and aim targets that are far distant and then shoot them off? Aimpointis here providing you with Aimpoint patrol rifle optic which is specially designed with certain inputs from professionals that have knowledge about the area and are distinguished in this field.
Now Aimpoint patrol rifle optic provides you with features and specifications that were never seen before and these features are present in order to enhance the viewing conditions and sights performance in difficult situations faced by present day law enforcement.
Aimpoint patrol rifle optic is not known for its looks and cosmetics but unlike other guns, this gun provides you with high-tech optics and has very high potential of your AR.
Now here are some benefits of using Aimpoint PRO:

  • The MOA(minute to angle) is provided which increases the accuracy for all distances and under any environmental conditions.
  • The lenses of the optic are covered with flip covers to protect the optic in difficult situation but a rear lens is also provided in order to carry out the ongoing operation using the gun.
  • The MOA requires only 2 minutes targeting the engagements at all distances.
  • Aimpoint patrol rifle optic is always ready to be used as its battery runs for duration of 3 years.
  • When compared to other guns with magnifiers, it has got very high speed on targets and the probability of hitting at the first shot is quite high.
  • In order to use the Aimpoint patrol rifle optic in shot guns and sub guns, a removable spacer is also provided.
  • The housing attached with the optic is made up of anodized aluminum alloy, which is useful in real world situations and Aimpoint PRO also water resistant to some 100 feet’s.
  • Aimpoint patrol rifle optic is also very much compatible with all night visions devices available today and can also be utilized in 3X magnifier by Aimpoint.
  • In order to protect the lenses from scratched and fingerprints, the front and rear lenses are recessed completely.
  • Also regular battery change and service date reminders helps you to maintain the gun easily.

Therefore, if you trust the amazing and highly accurate sights that Aimpoint patrol rifle optic provides and you gladly want to pay for the amount of benefits its providing you with, then you should surely go and purchase it right away.

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