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Pistol Holsters

4/25/2012 6:32:15 PM Originally Posted By skidman: Originally Posted By skidman: Originally Posted By GeraldJ10: Anyone else have a fit problem with the Holster that came with their 238? Mine is extremely tight, to tight to even use. Yes I adjusted the retention. Holster WTF? I bought my 238 new when they first came out. I didn’t get a holster! Why no response? Did everyone really get a free holster? Not me. Mine was the basic 2-tone model with night sites. They might have included the Holster with later or higher priced models. It’s just a cheap plastic belt Holster that rarely get’s used for anything other then a holder or for range use. The XDs are always praised for coming with accessories, yet almost nobody uses them. alexdad

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